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Mythology Kink

Fic: Innocence Is Overrated (Hades/Persephone)

Title: Innocence Is Overrated
Author: rebecca_selene
Word Count: 745
Pairing: Hades/Persephone
Rating: R
Warnings: incest if you are familiar with Greek myth
Disclaimer: All recognizable personages belong to the Ancient Greeks. I’m just playing with them.
Summary: Hades gets more than he bargained for when he takes a trip up from the underworld.
Concrit?: It's the only way I'll get better.
Beta: none
Notes: Written for roslindi's ate the mythology & dreamt comment ficathon prompt by xx_pinkstar: Greek Mythology, Hades/Persephone, You want me? Well come on and break the door down You want me? Fucking come on and break the door down (I'm ready).

Innocence Is Overrated
Witch Girl

Fic: Standing Between Life and Death (PG- Hel/Modgud)

Title: Standing between life and death
Fandom: Norse Mythology
Characters / Pairings: Hella/Modgud, Gangloti /Ganglot
Rating: PG
Word count: 1,500+

Beta/Pre-readers: @aislinntlc, @Rimblemethis, @thraceadams 

Warnings: magic, discussions of human deaths and Ragnarök, as well as a really scary, pissed off goddess. 

Author’s Note: Fill for my kink_bingo square: Service 
Summary: An hour passed before Hella even acknowledged Modgud’s presence, then only with a glance and a low growl. By then Hella’s limp was so pronounced and the twist in her spine so severe that Modgud ached for her. Still Hella paced. Her pain and anger visible in her clenched fists and tear streaked living half of her face.
Merlin BBC - Morgana

fic: for a moment it felt like love

Title: For A Moment It Felt Like Love
Author: themirrorofsin
Character(s): Demeter/Zeus, Zeus/Hera
Words: 707
Genre(s): Hurt/Comfort/Romance
Rating: M - slight sexual content
Summary: It would not mean anything and they would not do this again but for a brief moment it felt almost akin to love when they kissed and gave comfort.
GoT - Cersei: Her embers tempered roared

fic: destruction, dark paradise

Title: Destruction, Dark Paradise
Author: themirrorofsin
Character(s): Athena, Ares, Aphrodite & Hephaestus, Phobos & Deimos, Thanatos, Artemis & Apollo, Hera and Eris. 
Words: 314
Genre(s): Drama/General
Rating: K+
Summary: Terrible, bloody, beautiful war was coming. 
Notes: The eve of the Trojan war. Multiple perspectives. Drabble.

Destruction, Dark Paradise @ff.net 
Everything Else;

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.it's a wonderful town.

In December 2010, it began. New York City was the epicenter and gods and mortals of bygone days were drawn there. Shadows of their former selves, not all remembered who they were and none knew that their lives had become playthings for Khaos.

In March 2012, following who knows what manner of tug of war (because it is always, always a game), our gods and goddesses, our nymphs and our angels, our mortals and, yes, even our mythical animals were returned to New York City.

They do say it's the city that never sleeps. It is only natural that the city's puppet-master never sleeps, either.

You can try to break the cycle but whether you're Odin All-Father or Zeus Thunderer, whether you're a Queen of Hell or a Queen of Sparta, you will fail. Settle in, instead, and learn to roll with the punches.

Applications open; 8th (23:59 EST) - 16th (23:59 EST) every month.

Mythopoeics started in Dec. 2010 over at livejournal! For previous events, shenanigans and such please look over at our livejournal communities.

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